Thursday, 21 January 2010

Brits Abroad for the F-man!

Is it any wonder that we get a reputation for being disrespectful as tourists? Hands up if you have ever felt pig-headedly ignorant when on holiday in a non-English speaking country. Bumbling your way along with your phrase book in a terrible accent only to have the checkout attendant give in and make your holiday easier by helping you out in their more than competent English. Then we have the "Lads-on-tour Summer 2009" to contend with. Mediterranean beach resorts being inundated with plane after plane of excitable holiday-makers drinking until they can't stand up, demanding pie and chips and spreading STDs like two-for-one drinks vouchers in Magaluf.

Then ladies and gentlemen, we have Gordon Ramsay. Someone who is renowned the world over. Someone who, despite his foul language attracts vast audiences across the globe. Perhaps a role model to some and whilst filming a television series abroad some might say an ambassador for our country, what with the words 'British' and 'Chef' being synonymous with his name. I have always admired Gordon Ramsay and his drive. He doesn't tolerate fools and I've always tried not to. He has had a slow decline over the past couple of years and it seemed as though his bubble had burst along with everybody else's. So here we have a new and different approach from a Gordon Ramsay television show. Of course we expect some bad language and plenty of straight to the point attitude but with the finesse and respect of a gorilla, Gordon single handedly confirmed to almost everyone he met on his trip the horror stories they may have heard of the British lout in a curry house. He played up to that brits abroad stereotype we all try to forget about, he didn't even look like he wanted to be there most of the time. I found myself cringing with embarrassment, especially when he called an old Indian man, who clearly didn't understand him properly, a twat. Woah there Gordo! It's not his fault Claridges lost its Michelin star. He doesn't have it.

The title of the show was very misleading, rather than adopting the title of Jamie Oliver's Italian series circa 2005, they could have gone for one of these suggestions. Gordon Gloats in India. Or, Gordon on tour, India 2009? They could have had a t-shirt made up for him.

So what's next? Guest appearances on the television show Benidorm? I'm starting to see Mr. Ramsay stretched and sun burnt on a sun lounger next to Johnny Vegas quite well now.


  1. I could only stomach 20 minutes of the episode I caught Nick. It was disgusting how arrogant and rude Ramsay was while abroad. He had no respect for others or their culture, dispite being shown such kindness and hospitality

  2. I agree with your last update. Gordon was embarrassing to say the least. What happened to respecting other cultures - maybe he should have gone to Magaluf instead!

  3. Sadly he behaved by default. I suspect that he doesn't have the personality to carry him through another series without his trademark blaspheming.. but how unoriginal and offensive!

  4. I had to leave this programme early - and have not returned since - which was entirely down to the embarrassment caused by Gordon's disrespect towards the Indian Chef when he was cooking the entire Goat Biryani. I am all for people being people and representing themselves, but not at the expense of someone else's discomfiture. Gordon's behaviour was shameful and his attitude towards a venerable elder of considerable experience was appalling. To think that that gentleman is left in the belief that he has seen someone who is representative of the average Englishman, is just cringe-making.