Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Caught With Your Trousers Down and Other Kitchen Tips

I was once chopping fresh chillies up before I went to the toilet. I am sure you have heard all the stories of people forgetting to wash their hands and ending up with burning sensations in regions they would rather not. Which is the predicament I had got myself into this time. After franticly searching the internet one handed whilst holding ice cubes to myself with the other, I found some information explaining that as the capsiacin is an oil, that acid will neutralise the PH level and hopefully reduce the pain and burning. I am not suggesting hydrochloric acid here but a cut lemon. So there I am stood in the kitchen, trousers down and rubbing half a lemon over myself when my wife comes through the door back from the gym. The look on her face was one of surprise, shock and a deep, deep shame. It seemed I had some explaining to do and to reassure my other half that my food obsession hadn't turned into a food fetish or perversion. But let me assure you, the lemon tip works but going to the toilet before you start saves a lot of embarrassment.

Do you have any unusual yet helpful kitchen tips and have you ever found your self in such compromising positions when food is involved?


  1. What are you making with chilli's this time.

    when i had my Mexican restaurant in Poole we used to make spicy chilli rellenos. It involved taking the seeds out of the chillis filling them with cheese and battering them
    I always offered latex gloves to the boy chefs.
    I most likely will do a cool chilli company order tomorrow. I will be ordering some casabels and ancho chilli's. Do you want me to order you anything you can pick it up from Boscanova ..

  2. ps have you got or have you read Mark Miller's chilli book

  3. Hi Tansi,
    I have just sent you an email regarding Coolchile. Thank you.
    I was making a fresh batch of my chilli sauce again. Latex gloves sound liek a sensible precaution for the boy chefs but i hope the girl chefs take just as much care! Haven't read Mark Millers Chilli Book, I will add it on my list of foodie books to read.

  4. I've been there before, oh yes, but bloody hell aren't those scotch bonnets in the picture? Holy moly, how much lemon did you use?

  5. They have a chilli for everything now-a-days. I would say it was a very specialised one indeed that could hone in on your pecker, but I guess it was envious of being the only one locally that hasn't seen it when you were drunk circa. 2001. As for the Lemon, there's noting worse than citric in your eye, be careful of your emerging sitophilia...