Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Kings Cross With A Wok

I found myself wandering around the back streets near Kings Cross a little unnerved. In the stifling heat of the evening, I felt like a sitting target, "What's in the bag pal?" some boss eyed scouser hocked. I was not going to tell him I had a copy of Jo Pratt's latest book, In The Mood For Entertaining in there. I doubt he would have wanted it, if indeed he could even read, but I thought it best to something that made me sound tough, like boxing gloves, or better yet, ignore him and keep on walking. "'Ere mate, don' be likgh tha', come backgh". My pace quickened as I could see the entrance to the train station at the top of the road. They had armed me with a weapon of sorts, so as to give me a sporting chance, a wok which I was beginning to wish wasn't jammed in the bottom of the aforementioned bag. As I turned into the station I looked round to notice the unsavory gentleman from Liverpool had found someone else to bother, I believe it was a pound he was after, or perhaps a cigarette, either way his manners were appalling.

Tilda were the ones who had armed me with the wok, along with some samples of their new stir fry rice. A straight to wok product already seasoned and flavoured in four styles. I had been fed and handsomely watered with prosseco, which may or may not have added to my slightly paranoid state in the Kings Cross area that fateful Wednesday evening. Inside a beautiful Georgian townhouse at the cookery school, Food at 52, ten of us had been given a demonstration of recipes by the graceful Jo Pratt who has such a calming presence in a kitchen. Well I was calm until we were told it was our turn to cook. We paired up and set about the woks, I teamed with Mimi and in between reciting Flight of the Conchords songs we managed to pull together a fiery prawn and chilli dish with the Thai red rice. I did spend most of the time trying to get the lid off a bottle of rice wine, but thanks to Mimi, and a shared love for chilli, we had a fantastic plate of food. There were some really interesting dishes made using the new rice and the one that I recall in particular was a lamb stir fry where the lamb had been briefly marinated in sweet chilli sauce and soy I think, correct me if I am wrong. Over dinner, sat in the cute courtyard, we joked around, laughed a bit and drank ginger cordial, how very Enid Blyton.

Thanks to Food at 52, Tilda, Wildcard , Jo Pratt and all the lovely people who I shared the evening with.

Mimi is also hosting a Burmese pop-up at Matt Follas' Wild Garlic in Beaminster, Dorset on 1st October. Book now on 01308 861446. It will be a fantastic night I am sure.


  1. oooh excellent, are you going to Meems' Burmese night? Me too!

    Nice to meet you at the Tilda event!

  2. Great to meet you too. Yeah I'm going to Mimi's Burmese night. Not too far for me really.

  3. Awww, thanks Nick - both for tolerating my bossiness and for pimping my pop-up x

  4. I thought you were a Londoner? Did you come all the way in from the proper boonies for Tilda?

    OK so, am thinking we need to get a group table going, let me know if you fancy?

  5. Delightful post Nick. Lovely to meet you at the event. Loved cooking up with all the stir fry options.

  6. Nice write-up! Great to meet you Nick.


  7. Kavey - Yeah I came up from Bournemouth, I seem to be up quite regularly at the minute for one reason or another. Group table sounds cool. Anyone else I may know from blogs, etc coming?

    Mimi - you weren't bossy at all, and anyway, sometimes I need bossing. Can't wait 'til October 1st!

    Maunika - brilliant to meet you too, I don't cook stir fry an awful lot, so I enjoyed it loads.